Unlimited Spring Snow Goose Hunts – Mound City, Missouri

These spring snow goose hunts are typically exciting and have good shooting action.

$175 Per Hunter / Per Day

  • all equipment provided
  • guided, semi-guided, and unguided hunts

Locations may include cornfields, pit blind style hunt, flooded field or pond.

Decoy Spreads Available

  • 1000 full body decoys, 500 sillosocks, over 30 flyers -hilltop cornfield
  • 700 sillo socks,  up to 200 floaters, over 30 flyers – pond / cornfield / bean field
  • 1500 Sillosocks, up 50 flyers – to go spread (go where the snow goose are at)
  • 750 shells decoys (Avery 5/8s, full size, and motion shells) 300 – 500 sillo socks
  • over 15 location that we can hunt in the Mound City / Squaw Creek NWR area

Based on Availability – – We can provide you with a field to hunt in a prime location around the Mound City and Squaw Creek NWR area. We have several locations of prime snow goose hunting ground we lease that the members may use.

Exclusive Fields Available – Additional Charge

Squaw Creek Hunt Club Memberships – Available Now!

Annual memberships dues are $2500.00 per membership and are due January 1st,

Limited To 15 Annual Memberships

Includes the Unlimited Use and Access to the Following:

Fall Waterfowl Hunting

  • field hunting (duck, Canada geese, snow geese)
  • all equipment provided
  • guided, semi-guided, and unguided hunts

Spring Snow Goose Hunting

  • conservation action spring snow goose hunting in the Mound City, Missouri area and Squaw Creek NWR
  • all equipment provided
  • guided, semi-guided, and unguided hunts

Lodging & Food

Lodging– Completely furnished five bedroom farm house, with spacious ( kitchen, dining room. living room)

Food – Breakfast, Dinner, Supper (can be provided)